Plumbing Sydney FAQs

Plumbing Sydney FAQs

plumbing sydney faqs

Do my backflow assemblies need to be tested?

Yes. It is required by law that your backflow assemblies are tested for proper function every 12 months and the paperwork be submitted to Sydney Water within twenty four hours.

How often do my thermostatic mixing valves need to be serviced?

Every 12 months. We do recommend servicing at shorter intervals because in our experience this saves you money in the long run and minimises your risk.

Does my hot water system really need to be serviced?

Absolutely YES! It is just like your motor vehicle. Keep your car running at peak condition will cost you less in running costs and limit breakdowns. The same apples to your poor neglected hot water unit.

What suburbs do we service in what cities?

At present we service all of Sydney and Wollongong although we will be extending our areas of service so it is wise to check with us.

How can I pay for your services?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos and Cash.

Can I really get my taps fixed so they will not leak for five + years and carry a five year warranty?

Yes! We use a specially designed Australian washer that stops your taps leaking and prolongs their life expectancy.