Leaking Taps

water-leakJust 1% of the world’s water supply is available for human use; the rest is either salty or located in ice caps and glaciers.

So we need to take care of how we use it.

A dripping or leaking tap can waste up to 2400 liters of water and can cost you up to $297 in water and energy in just one year!


East Coast Water Pty Ltd is so confident of fixing your leaking tap that where possible we will install a specially designed valve with a 5-year guarantee. It stops the leaking and dripping taps, protects it from excessive wear and tears while making the taps easier to turn on and off.

If our valves do not stop the leak, we will come back and fix that leaking tap at our cost, not yours. That’s right, if your tap continues to leak, we will come back and make repairs at no cost to you.

So why would you go down to your local hardware and buy that cheap washer to fix your leaking tap, only to find it is the wrong part. This is of course, after you’ve managed to locate where you shut the water off, struggled to dismantle the tap and maybe damaged the tap in the process, flooded the place when you realise the water did not shut off after all and overall ruining your weekend because of the stress, and now your significant other is not talking to you.

Instead, have a leisurely weekend and call the experts, for a hassle-free leaking tap repair with a 5-year warranty.