Water Efficiency Standards Sydney

water efficiencyDoes your property or rental property need to be made water efficient?

Is your rental property constantly being bought back up to water efficiency?

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Minimum Criteria

The minimum criteria for passing on water usage charges is:

  • the rental premises must be individually metered (or water is delivered by vehicle, such as those with water tanks on rural properties)
  • the charges must not exceed the amount billed for water usage by the water supplier
  • the rental premises must meet required `water efficiency´ standards.

Water Efficiency Standards

A rental property is only considered water efficient if it meets these standards.

  • Water efficiency devices are installed
  • Minimum standard is met
  • Internal cold water taps and single mixer taps for kitchen sinks and bathroom hand basins
  • A maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute
  • Shower heads
  • A maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute
  • No leaking taps
  • No leaking taps anywhere on the premises at the start of the tenancy or when the other water efficiency measures are installed

The requirement for sink and basin taps to have a maximum flow rate of 9 litres per minute does not apply to other taps in the premises such as bathtub taps, laundry taps, outside taps for the garden, or taps which supply washing machines and dishwashers.

The Commonwealth, State and Territory Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) legislation provides an effective framework for conserving water by reducing demand through the provision of water efficiency information to purchasers of water-using products and promoting the adoption of efficient water-saving techniques.

What is WELS?

WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labelling scheme that requires certain products to be registered and labelled with their water efficiency in accordance with the standard set under the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005.